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  • I started my so-called ‘practice’ by doodling.

    Peacocks, lotuses, mangoes and shapes and designs of all sorts pored themselves out from my hands at every chance I got during the bits and pieces of free time that erratically appeared in the busy days of our bustling joint family life. In between the daily household “to-do” list…the doodles soon found their way to almost all scraps of paper, back pages of diaries and notebooks to be found in my vicinity. Often, not even the backside of the grocery bill was spared. Remembering the number of times I missed what was taught in class during college days due to this notorious tendency, I thought….. “Ah! Bad habits die hard.” Little did I know, that this “bad habit” will one day transform into meaningful work which will be a vehicle of my expression.

    The latent potential ability to express one’s creativity via the medium of Art is present in everyone. I began to see that by manipulating the use of a pen or a pencil, various lines could illustrate visually what I intended to express. A genuine exploration of my love to draw slowly led me to understand it in depth and technicality.

    With practice, this ability became sharper and the confidence to strive for better results grew exponentially. The ideas that are deep within tend to burst out like the colors of a rainbow. What one needs is some ‘rain’ to nurture the soil that holds the talent.