About Us

iMomsnKids is a platform providing content for the multi-faceted woman of Today. The finely brewed content on iMomsnKids, not only provides answers to all your parenting questions, but also supports you in your own personal journey as a woman. Whether you are looking to start a family, conceive, or you are getting your toddler ready for the first days of school, arranging small gatherings in the family, life is full of challenges!
Some mothers/ grandmothers who want to indulge in different activities to spend their spare time can use this as the best platform to share their ideas, creativity, recipes or any other talent/ hobby they have which has to be utilised.
Despite all the happiness that children may bring us, they also bring along stress and responsibilities. Mothers are always in need of advice, but are often hesitant over where to seek it. In realization of the needs of every mummy out there, a young mother felt the need to launch the iMomsnKids a practical site, web platform, and more! An online presence, which helps in facilitating an open dialogue with mothers all over the world. We bring you expert advice, devotional tips, health related tips, shared experiences, inspirational personalities, hobbies, useful tips and funny moments through photos, blogs, videos, the much loved bloggers meets.
Think of us as your friend who also happens to be an expert parenting coach or pediatrician. From pregnancy to kids’ health to parenting strategies, get the facts and guidance you need to feel confident about the choices you make for you and your family.
Meet Moms. Know More. Grow Together.
Why we started iMomsnKids?
iMomsnKids had been initiated by Shubhra Agarwal. While staying away from the in-laws due to our jobs & profession, she found it difficult to raise up her baby alone with her husband. She faced problems like how to give bath to her baby, how to feed her baby, make the baby speak, walk, etc. Being a working mom it was more difficult. Another problem she faced was to remember all the small festivals and their related activities to be done. Researching online and conflicting reviews only added to the confusion. In the end what came to her rescue was valuable advice from her friends who had children and experts (pediatrician / lactation expert etc.) That was what got her thinking - in this time and age where technology is present in every part of our life from hailing a cab to finding someone to date, why is it that there is no platform that connects moms to create a community that can recommend and discover the best products for their children.
iMomsnKids shares the insights on family life, marriage, health, kids, hobbies and more. With this approachable style and willingness to share the ups and downs of family life, we have built a thriving community filled with positivity.
That’s when the idea of iMomsnKids was born. We really hope it is a complete delight for each one of you.
To help mommies / housewives / working women / grandmas keeping indulge in interesting activities sharing their talent, interests, hobbies, pass time activities, knowledge with others to interact with others & helping each others by giving their reviews, suggestions and recommendations.
It is a community committed to help women to keep interacting with each other while helping / motivating each other to grow….
sharing inspirational tips on how to live a frugal and meaningful life.
want to create an inspiring resource that would show women that becoming a mother wasn’t the end of their career – it could be the start of an exciting new adventure.
According to iMomsnKids, being a mother should be fun and rewarding, and with the site’s humorous and informative content, it helps hundreds of thousands of moms. It tackles important motherly issues in a fresh and modern way.
It is an effort to give opportunities women, housewives, working ladies, mommies, business women globally to get closer on a single user-friendly online networking platform, which provides help, information.
Team iMomsnKids